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5 Techniques You're Using Your Makeup Sponge Wrong

5 Techniques You’re Using Your Makeup Sponge Wrong

Maybe you are new to makeup sponges and don’t know how to use them correctly. In that case, read the article and explore the mistakes you frequently make while using the sponges and how you can use the sponge in the best way.

Cosmetic sponge manufacturer’s makeup sponges are a game-changer. Use sponges in the right way, and you don’t need any filter as it will provide you flawless and smooth skin. It is effortless to use these sponges as you only have to follow the instruction. Here is the list of common mistakes that are pretty easy to fix.

Mistake while using the sponges

Mistake #1: You’re using a dirty sponge.

People usually make the first mistake while using sponges because people use dirty sponges, which causes skin problems. Sponges should be clean before and after the sue and kept in a safe place. It would be best if you were cleaning them after every use. If you use the sponge with the leftover makeup on it, dust will get attached to it, and it cakes up and is harder to blend.

Mistake #2: You use one sponge to apply a million different products.

Usually, people use one sponge to apply different makeup products like the same sponge to apply foundations, creamy products, concelear, highlighter, bronzer, and many more; however, there are different shapes to get the best application. It would be best to reach different sponges for separate applications; otherwise, the makeup product will not perfectly apply on the skin and blend it with other makeup products on the sponge.

Mistake #3: You buy the cheapest sponge you can find.

People usually go for the cheapest sponges to apply makeup to save money. The cheapest sponges that absorb many of our cosmetics are thin and small, and they are sold in bulk. As a result, they don’t blend well. But if you spend good quality money on a makeup sponge, your makeup will evenly blend and give you a soft look.

Mistake #4: You wet your sponge even when you need more coverage.

Using a wet sponge is the best way to use a sponge. It provides you super-sheer coverage, since the makeup sponge sponge absorbs the water and thus absorob less foundation. But you need to squeeze out the excess water before you use it. But if you need full coverage, go for a dry sponge as it’s easier to blend powder formulas when it’s dry.

Mistake #5: You blend in makeup by rubbing the sponge across your skin.

People who use brushes have the habit of dragging makeup all over their face, but this is not the case with the sponges. Cosmetic sponge manufacturers suggest sponges should not be drag onto your face. It would be best if you always tapped the foundation, unlike the foundation brush. Gently tap it onto the skin, and blend it in using patting motions. Though it’s a little more time-consuming, on the bright side, your skin will look smooth and flawless.

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