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A Guide To Use The Makeup Sponge Step-By-Step

A Guide To Use The Makeup Sponge Step-By-Step

It’s no surprise nowadays that makeup sponge manufacturers are making highly versatile and new types of sponges that are perfect for applying makeup. Today, sponges are replacing makeup brushes as they are an all-in-one tool that can blend liquid to powdery stuff without any crease. However, some of the makeup sponge manufacturers suggested making this process smooth and easier for the user.

Unfortunately, people don’t follow instructions and face problems applying makeup and face some skin issues. So, read out the article and find out the best way to use them and how to maintain the cleanliness of these sponges so that you can enjoy the full benefit of these sponges.

How to Use a Makeup Sponge

The Beauty blender is a multipurpose makeup exfoliator that is helpful for almost anything in your makeup bag: bb cream, foundations, concealer, and you name it. But to enjoy all benefits of your makeup sponge, here are three basic steps you need to follow for a smooth process.

1.      Wet

Many individuals are amazed to find that the Beauty blender makeup exfoliator is best to use when wet. Run it under your faucet Before each use until it’s thoroughly soaked. After this step, you will find out an incredible difference in the size of the blender, which is double its size. It is as the unique aqua-activated™ foam material in the blender soaks the water rather than absorbing your product.

2.      Squeeze

Once your makeup sponge is thoroughly soaked, it’s time to squash and squeezes it out. The aim is to apply your makeup with a moist blender, so you’ll lack to wring out all of the excess water. Your makeup sponge should then be at the perfect size and dampness to start reducing into your product. You can rest confidently knowing that you’re not wasting or overusing the product since it’s simply bouncing off of your sponge without getting saturated into it.

3.      Bounce

Bounce powder or bb cream, liquid foundation,  or concealer through your skin for a perfect finish, but do not drag the blender on your face. Taking a makeup sponge over your skin is just moving the makeup around instead of correctly laying it on. Bouncing creates seamless coverage without streaks, provides a uniform and lines. Bounce the piercing tip in hard-to-reach areas like under the eyes and nose and bounce the broader end on more excellent surfaces like your chin, cheeks, and forehead.

How to Clean Your Makeup Sponge

clean your makeup sponge instantly after use, but how to clean it. Keeping your makeup sponge fresh and hygienic will not only make it last longer but help keep your skin clean. , it’s best to wash your blender after each use to avoid the buildup of dirt and grime. There is different cleanser solution that is highly effective yet have a gentle formula, which you can use every day on your blender.

Moreover, you can use a simple wet blender with this solution and work it into a gentle lather. It will help your blender be cleaned and hygienic to use and help you get rid of air pollutants and other bacteria. As the wet sponges are likely to be affected by the bacteria, it is highly essential to wash the sponges after every use.

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