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Amazing Hacks For Flawless Makeup with Beauty Blender

Amazing Hacks For Flawless Makeup with Beauty Blender

Get flawless makeup! This statement often sounds like advertising content for a salon. But no, gone are days when perfect makeup was only possible via beauty experts! Now plenty of tools are available using which one can quickly get that wow makeover at home.

Talking about makeup tools, then only one catches attention, the beauty blender! It’s the most diversified tool that always exists in every makeup bag (either you have a beauty blender or makeup sponge from any brand). It’s always useful in giving that super airbrushed finish.

Following are some handy beauty blender hacks that will surely give a perfect makeover!

1.    Use Blender / Sponge for Applying Primer

Before applying the foundation, pour a drop of a primero beauty blender. This works as a barrier to keeping the product to get absorbed into the sponge.

This further helps in giving a smooth finish as the primer helps on smoothing all skin imperfections and cover pores

2.    Use Dry Beauty Blender for Full-Coverage Foundation

Use dry beauty blender for applying foundation in slight tripling motion. This will create a full-coverage finish. Remember, the damper your sponge would be, the more foundation will be lifted off your skin.

Stippling is when you use a light tapping motion for applying the foundation. Press the blender on your skin for high coverage. And, never drag your blender as it might lift the product off and won’t give that airbrushed finish which you need

3.    Use Beauty Blender for Freckles

In case there are freckles on your cheeks and nose, then spring a clean part of your damp makeup sponge over the tops of your cheekbones and your nose bridge. This will get more items, lift your skin’s establishment, and permit your spots to look through.

4.    Use a Damp Blender for Dewy Skin

Every girl wants dewy skin! Well, the easiest way to get dewy skin is by using a damp makeup sponge for applying foundation. This hack works best with all foundations and even to get full coverage. You need to wet beauty blender in water, squeeze out all excess water before applying foundation

5.      5. Fix Cakey Makeup: Blot

Need an instant solution to fix patchy makeup? Got fed up with half disappeared makeup from your nose whenever you wear sunglasses? The best way is, use a damp beauty blender with a little concealer or foundation. But first, get a blotting paper or tissue to clean all excess oil from the skin

Then, apply two or three dots of concealer or foundation to the culpable zone (we locate a full-inclusion cream equation works best), at that point utilizing a soggy cosmetics wipe (dry works in case you’re in a hurry), and delicately mix the concealer using touching movements.

This technique works since it fills in any missing cosmetics zones while likewise flawlessly mixing it with anything left all over. It’s amazing! Genuine Techniques have one of our fave cosmetics wipes that accompanies a case, $7, so it’s extraordinary to keep in your pack for inconsistent cosmetics crises.

6.      6. Soothe Flakey Skin with a beauty blender

To smooth flaky and dry skin, use a beauty blender with a drop of oil. Just add one drop of any facial oil to your beauty blender and gently buff it into your skin in small circular motions.

Doing this, the oil will hydrate and smooth, whereas the blender removes all skin flakes.

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