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Amazing Techniques to Use Makeup Brushes & Sponges Together

Amazing Techniques to Use Makeup Brushes & Sponges Together

In so many makeup tutorials so far, you’d have read how a sponge can be a useful tool for applying flawless makeover. You’d have read how a sponge can be a fruitful replacement for makeup brushes as it’s handy to apply on hard-to-reach areas, but today I am going to share some amazing techniques of using both brush and sponge together, sounds interesting, isn’t it? So let’s start with

Dual-Ended Expert Sponge

Unlike any of the other makeup sponges, this one is used dry for maximum coverage. The single sponge has two different colors; orange and pink. the orange angle shape side is used for applying foundation, and you’ll get a medium to heavy coverage

While the pink side is used for contouring. You can use this sponge with creams, and powders.

How to Use?

Take a stick foundation, and go straight to the skin. While rubbing this sponge over the surface of the face and you’ll see you just get an instantly flawless finish, it hardly takes seconds. Use pink side for using powder contour

Pull it down the face, then push upwards into the foundation which you’ve already put there, or with creams or powders. Turn the sponge back around again, and go over the surface with foundation just to soften it, and get more of a natural finish to contour

Just using the shape of a sponge to fit in the hollow there. For eyes, get a pack of four mini-miracle sponges. Take a little bit of eyeshadow, and push it in the eyelid all the way across. You’ll get even finish with a mini sponge as it covers a large area

Using Makeup Brush

Now, take an eyeshadow palette, or you can use an enhanced eye set, and take a medium shadow brush. If you’re taking brown eyeshadow, then work it through the socket. It’s an all-rounder brush, you can also wash color over the eyelid. If you want to give a natural soft finish, you can turn it to the side, and use it on its profile to create a bit of depth through the socket

Next, take a trusty fine liner brush, and back liner, and run this along the lash line, close to the lashes to get a nice precision line. Coming to the other corner, add a bit of mascara, then finally the amazing lash separator comes in handy, run that through to avoid clumpy lashes. Until your mascara dries, take a miracle finish sponge, a little bit of cream blush

Go for a sort of coral y-color, push it up and push on the apples of the cheek. You can also use this with creams or powders, and you can use it with highlighters, or use it just to set the face. Remember that little mini complexion sponge that you just used earlier to damp on the skin from one side, but now you’re going to use it again. Take a concealer, this sponge has a flat and pointed side.

The flat side is good for blemishes, while the latter side – pointed one – will be used under the eyes. It’s up to you which one will work best for you!

Now, many leading makeup sponge manufacturers supply these packs of sponges for numerous makeup uses.

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