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Can $1 Sponge Replace $20 Cosmetic Sponge?

Can $1 Sponge Replace $20 Cosmetic Sponge?

Just like we click heaps of selfies in a day, but hardly 2 -3 turns good and able to share anywhere on social media, similarly, we use plenty of makeup tools, but few work best in making our face charming, and photogenic in selfies, agree?

The same is the case with cosmetic sponges! You buy from least price too highly expensive one, but only one works best. The question is, does the working of sponges depend on their prices? Do we need to buy expansive and branded ones at all times to get flawless skin, and a regular cosmetic sponge won’t be enough for smooth use?

That’s what I am going to debunk all these archetypical concepts, and myths in this post today. Yes, I tried around four to eight cosmetic sponges, from various brand cosmetic sponge manufacturers, each had a different price from $7 to $14 and even $20, but you’ll be amazed to learn which one is a winner.

So stay tuned, and keep your eyes reading it, you’ll come up with a new explosion and plenty of ideas regarding the best use of cosmetic sponges.

Which Cosmetic Sponge Worked Best Among Competition of 8 Branded Ones?

Makeup is a subjective art and all about an individual’s experience of applying it. Yet, the most common thing every makeup artist, and user practices are BLENDING. For this we need to check the texture of sponges, it shouldn’t be too firm, nor too soft, and nor it should soak up a lot of product.

It must have a good speed to blend everything indecent amount of time. In light of the above-mentioned requirement, let’s which one tick all the boxes;

Sponge 1: Super Soft Wonder Blender $1.55

This one was too good! I loved how it expands when I wet it and has a very soft texture. In fact, not very soft to the point where it’s just soaking everything up. It blends everything beautifully, it was really fast, and I just loved it!

Sponge 2: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge $5.99

This cosmetic sponge is not what it’s used to be, or I should say was supposed to be. It soaks up a lot of products. This one took a lot of while to blend and still I felt not blended well, so I didn’t like this one!

Sponge 3: L’Oreal Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender $7.99

Indeed, even this one became pretty all together, and it helped to do everything significantly speedier, mix everything out quicker, and I love how it blended everything out so well. Also, it soaked less product unlike the beauty blender

Sponge 4: Beauty blender $20

I started using a beauty blender, it worked great as expected. I never had an issue using this sponge for blending, and I was satisfied.

So, guess which one sponge is the winner? It’s a $1 Super soft wonder blender!! the reason why this sponge stands top is because it ticked every single box for me;

  • It blended beautifully
  • Expand to a great size
  • Speedy blending
  • Soft & gentle on the face without soaking up every single drop of product
  • Overall, the price of this sponge is like icing on the cake.

Now did you get the point of what to look for in a cosmetic sponge? It’s not always price, but certain factors that make it applicable to use on the face.

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