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Different Cosmetic Sponges and Their Uses

Different Cosmetic Sponges and Their Uses

Sponges, for me, is the most blessed invention in the cosmetic field since it has made applying makeup much easier than before. Now one doesn’t need to look for expert beauty assistance; just proper use of a sponge, grip on fingers is enough to do magic on your face, blush on over cheeks, and contour.

Call it a makeup sponge, or cosmetic sponge, this cute little tool comes in diverse varieties and plenty of shapes ranging from diamond, and oval, to tiny sponges.

Perhaps the cosmetic sponge manufacturers would know how the makeover trend will turn into a culture, and essential practice in the coming time, so they created a tool to make it part of a legacy for all generation users.

Is Sponge Different from other Blending tools, or it’s all the same?

Before you head towards any reputable makeup sponge manufacturer, the one thing you must know is the difference between sponge and other knock-offs. It mainly lies in the dairymaid of different formulations of sponge.

I will recommend a hydrophilic sponge that is latex-free; all of the dyes in it are vegetable dyes since many people are allergic to latex.

The main rule of using a cosmetic sponge is that the larger the sponge, the more area it will cover. So a smaller angular sponge can help conceal acne, scars, and under-eye area. The giant size sponge helps apply foundation and blush.

Types of Cosmetic Sponges & Its Different Uses

Have a look below at the following different types of cosmetic sponges.

Round flat sponges

The majority of users would have this round flat sponge which comes with compact powder. Well, these are the first makeup sponges to hit the makeup market. They are convenient to apply pressed powder evenly.

Tear Drop Sponges

This particular round sponge is an all-rounder and is one of the most famous and sold products in the beauty market. While using it, take the heavier end side for making any foundation application on your face. You can also use the tip of it to do any concealing or contouring.

You need to make sure while using it to apply your foundation that; never rub it on your skin; instead, the proper motion for it would be to dab it into the skin.

Makeup wedge

Unlike those broad makeup brushes, the makeup wedge can become a significant part of your life. You can apply foundation, powder, concealer, and everything else with it.

Not only this, but these tremendous angular wedges can work best in smaller areas as well, such as; inner corner of the eye, under-eye, anything on the sides of the nose, and things like scars and acne. This sponge works so fine due to its unique design

Flat end sponges

This particular sponge is very similar to the egg-shaped sponge; the only difference is that it comes with a flat end, which can be extremely useful in contouring on cheeks or even on the nose. Additionally, you can also apply loose powder to bake your makeup.

Time for an important tip! Whenever you use makeup sponges, make sure you saturate them in ample water, then remove excess water as it might give you light coverage. If you want heavier coverage, then prefer using it dry.

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