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Get a Flawless Base Using Miracle Complexion Sponge

Get a Flawless Base Using Miracle Complexion Sponge

How many people use fingers for applying foundation all over the face, and try blending well putting effort on fingers, and fingertips? I think we all do, yet we miss few areas. Though the work goes on, yet it didn’t provide that “PRO- Like” originality, or I should say a flawless look.

This is the reason now many makeup artists, and makeup experts prefer using a makeup sponge for applying foundation, it’s comfortable using a sponge, and it makes your makeup last longer. If this post is related to your interest, then spare a minute, and go through this entire post, you’ll learn graceful technique for applying flawless base using a sponge.

Choosing Best Sponge for Skin

Let’s suppose you have two makeup sponges in front of you; one is damp, and the other is dry. What is the difference between both? Well, one will apply a foundation much lighter bit, it makes it a bit easier for you to apply a damp sponge as it gives a natural finish to your face

On other hand, the dry sponge will give your face slightly full coverage.

If you’ve been gifted with gorgeous, soft skin then go for a damp sponge. Start with a pea-sized amount of foundation, but you can add more if necessary.

Start from the focal point of your face and work outwards

Allow the sponge does a lot of work for you. The fact that it’s damp is it’ll allow you to blend very well. Any area you feel where you need a tiny bit more coverage, so dip your sponge into the foundation, and push it over those areas.

When your cheeks become a bit rosy, the purpose is served, and the target is achieved!

Other Amazing Uses of Different Makeup Sponges

Round flat sponges

We all get that small-sized round-shaped flat sponges with compact face powder, these were the first makeup sponges that triggered the makeup market. They are m, much handy to apply pressed powder evenly

Makeup wedge

The makeup wedge is used for applying foundation, powder, concealer, and everything else with it. But with time I learned it work well on covering smaller areas such as the inner corners of the eye, under the eye, and anything on the sides of the nose, and anything like scars or acne.

The makeup wedge works well due to its unique shape.

Teardrop Sponges

This particular round sponge is an all-rounder, one of the most famous and solid products in the beauty entire beauty market. While using this foundation, you need to use a heavier end for applying any kind of foundation on your face. Also, you can use the tip of it for any kind of concealing and contouring

Just make sure you’re using it for applying foundation,  never rub it on the skin, rather dabbing it onto the skin is the right motion.

Flat end sponges

The flat end sponge is almost similar to the egg-shaped sponge. The only difference is, it comes with a flat end which can be highly useful in doing any kind of contouring on the cheeks or even on the nose. Also, you can apply loose powder to bake your makeup.

Important tip: Though you choose any brand product belonging to any local or reputable makeup sponge manufacturer, always ensure that you saturate it ample of water, and remove excess water when used. the reason is, wet sponge gives light coverage. But if you need heavier coverage, then dry sponge is always go-to-use.

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