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Guide To Use Sponges By Real Techniques

Guide To Use Sponges By Real Techniques

Who’s won’t be aware of the popular brand “Real Techniques” today? A brand that is known for providing tremendous cosmetic stuff especially, the sponges and beauty blenders. But to make the best use of it? How to make sure you’re doing justice with a product of these elite makeup sponge manufacturers?

This is the purpose am writing this post for my reader’s convenience; the best tutorial guide for using makeup sponges by Real Techniques. Be attentive, and keep scrolling down!

All About Using Makeup Sponges

Step 1

You need to get your skin ready for makeup, so take a sponge that’s going to prepare your skin ready for it. The Miracle Cleaning Sponge by Real Techniques will be used for cleaning your face before applying makeup.

This sponge also exfoliates very gently, this what makes a win-win. Run it all over your face. Now take any face cleanser of your choice, apply it on the skin with a sponge so that’s working it into the skin. It won’t damage the skin, but it will take away the dead surface layer out of the skin. Once you get done with cleansing, rinse it all that off, and see your skin got squeaky clean

Step 2

Step in with a little bit of moisturizer, here you’ll need a dual-ended expert sponge, which comes in two colors, orange, and pink. You’ll use an orange end with a little bit of moisturizer on your skin. If your skin is a little bit on the dry side, so go for Clinique moisture surge, but use a normal moisturizer that is suitable for your skin, and you sure it’ll work well.

Turn sponge over, take a little bit of primer and just work that over the skin. The reason for emphasizing the pink part of the sponge is because it helps get in sensitive areas, where you want your primer to get into, like around the nose, and eyes. Go for radiance primer if your skin is dry, it can look a bit dry,m but gives a lovely glow.

Step 3

Time to take apply foundation! Get a miracle complexion sponge, put some foundation on with. It doesn’t matter if you use it damp or dry, it’s all your choice, but I prefer damp as it doesn’t pick much product then. Another reason I prefer using damp is, if you use it dry, then it gets to soak it with a lot of your foundation, so you want to get as much from your foundation as possible by using it damp.

Do you see? It still applies beautifully, yet it’s already got stuff in it soaking at your foundation, and it’s already absorbed the water. Any areas where you feel you might need additional coverage, then just make sure you’re dabbing over those areas, so this will push the product onto there.

Step 4

Now you’ll need a miracle face + body sponge. It looks bigger and looks bigger when added or soaked in water. This sponge will cover a much wider surface, get a couple of shades to make it look mix while applying down the neck.

Step 5

Next, you’ll need an eraser sponge, take a concealer, but two different concealers a moisturizing concealer – run that under the eyes. Okay, why you’ll apply it dry? Because you’ve already applied foundation with a wet sponge. The concealer gives you the c0overge where you need, if you use sponge a bit wet then it won’t give a flawless result, as using dry one will give

Step 6

Blemishes, here you finally have to go for a couple of blemishes on your neck which you may not be able to resist, so here you’ll use a second heavier concealer using a same sponge as used before.

These steps are basically for the beginning of makeup with cleaning, moisturizing, using foundation, then concealer. Rest, go for contouring, and blushing using different sponges given in the sponge set. Enjoy grooming!

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