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Have A Perfect Foundation With The Best Foundation Applicators

Have A Perfect Foundation With The Best Foundation Applicators

People usually face difficulty choosing the right foundation equipment as nowadays, makeup puff manufacturer have designed many tools with various applications. So, it difficult for us to select the right one. Even people are using fingers as they face difficulty in choosing the right tool.

In this blog of applying a perfect foundation, we will list some of the essential tools used to lay a foundation and make your skin flawless and suit your skin.

Types of sponges

  1. Drop-Shaped Sponges

Drop-shaped sponge offers high coverage and is very easy to use. These sponges have a large surface area and are best to cover cheeks and forehead. Also, they are best for shaping the side of the chin and nose. It also contains a tip that blends the foundation on the areas where it is hard to reach, like eye corners and mouth.

Moreover, they can use both the dried or wet ways and perfect for applying BB cream, foundation, primer, and concealer. It is best to use it correctly by removing the excess amount of water from the sponge and gently patting it on the face.

These sponges are usually preferred by women who use liquid foundation and have marks or scars on the skin. However, these sponges are not that mt reliable as brushes and cushion puffs.

  1. Sponge Wedges

Sponges wedges are polygonal-shaped sponges that are soft and flexible to use in different areas. They are cheaper and readily available, and even you can dispose of them quickly.

  1. Cushion Puffs

Cushion puffs are reliable and have a ruby cell-like shape, and give a perfect blend. They make it easier to handle the foundation and create a smooth and airbrushed finish. Also, cushion puffs are much easier to carry than drop-shaped because of their cushion puff round flat shape.

Moreover, they are anti-bacterial and suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Use it gently to give a perfect finish.

  1. Silicone Pads

Silicone pads are hygiene sponges. They are best for sensitive skin and are super easy to handle and clean. These sponges’ best qualities are they don’t soak up the foundation and are more reliable and durable. They are easily reachable and do the perfect blending on the areas where there are hard to reach ad blends like nose and corners of mouth and eyes. However, they are only suitable for applying creamy and liquid foundations.

  1. Brushes

Brushes are ideal for applying eyeshadow, blush on, and contouring. They help us to give shapes and make edges. Also, brushes come in various sizes and shapes. Each brush has a different property and use. According to makeup puff manufacturer, brushes are the best tool among all of the above for applying makeup; whether you want to lay a matte or liquid foundation, they are the go-to option for you.

Powder brushes are round, soft, and larger, and foundation brushes are flat small, and dense. Each brush has its shape and gives a different look.

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