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Is Konjac Sponge Versatile for All Skin Types?

Is Konjac Sponge Versatile for All Skin Types?

We often hear cases of skin acne, pimples, and other skin issues which, unfortunately, usually occur right after using makeup stuff, especially brushes and sponges. Due to which majority of people believe; it’s ALL BECAUSE OF MAKEUP! No, it’s because of using certain makeup tools like sponges, and brushes which aren’t suitable for all skin types.

Some have sensitive skin, while some have oily, or other types of skin; so doesn’t makeup sponge manufacturers have made something that could be versatile to all skin types? Is there any ultimate solution to it, yes! What about using a Konjac makeup sponge?

Let’s take a look at what a konjac sponge does;

Konjac Makeup Sponge

The reason why sponges are widely used, because it contains an extra soft texture, and is best for sensitive skin. Since it’s made of 99% water so it also helps in balancing the PH level of the skin, and it’s also best for removing makeup by people of all ages.

There are a lot of konjac sponge companies that manufacture this product in massive quantities, but Chinese companies have got more fame in terms of providing sponges at low prices, and the best qualities.

The main reason why konjac is reputed for its health-giving properties used by the Japanese for over 1,500 years having originally started out as a medicine in the 6th century. Besides, it also cleanses and refreshes the skin.

Apart from it, there are some other makeup sponges as well which works best on various skin types;

The perfect match of sponge for each skin issue!

Generally, we all know that sponges are good for skin, and make it clean from the inner side, but it’s not necessary that a single sponge will suit all skin types (or skin with multiple issues). Let’s take an insight into it, and see the perfect match of sponge for each skin type.

Chamomile This type of sponge is best for those who want to relieve irritated and sensitive skin. This type of sponge is known for its ability to deal with dry, hot skin as it has anti-allergic properties.

Green French Clay Blended with the finest French clay, this sponge is the best solution for oily t-zone skin. This wipe with Green French Clay fixes pores, conditions the appearance, and revives harmed skin cells.

Pink French Clay If your skin has lost its color due to excessive exposure to the sun, and doing water sports, then a pink French clay sponge can help you regain your old skin back.

Red French Clay Got dull complexions? Revive it back with a red French mud wipe. It lights up dull appearances while decreasing redness and uneven skin tone. This sponge is also best for curing rosacea or psoriasis.

What To Consider While Choosing a Makeup Sponge?

Shape The shape of the sponge is the most important thing which you must consider to get a professional look. Go for an egg shape as it gives a perfect photo-worthy finish, and it also lets you use the larger portion for application on basic areas of the face like cheeks, and forehead etc.

 Size An accurate size is also a must to consider when it comes to choosing the beauty blender. The size you choose will likely be a personal preference. Picking a little one versus an expansive wipe will enable you to ceaselessly apply establishment without breaking to investigate the mirror.

 Porousness Porousness of a cosmetics wipe unquestionably should be considered. A mixing wipe should be retentive, yet not be outwardly permeable.

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