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Makeup Brush vs Makeup Sponge – Which One To Choose for Flawless Makeup?

Makeup Brush vs Makeup Sponge – Which One To Choose for Flawless Makeup?

Some prefer reddish touch using blush on, while some prefer a natural look; some love using makeup brush for applying foundation, while some prefer makeup sponge; after all which one is better? Is there any certain conclusion to this tug of war between two makeup tools and their never-ending competition?

Well, it depends on skin type, simple! You might choose one over the other, but certain differences and similarities are using both for applying makeup. Today, I am going to shed light on the difference between applying foundation with a makeup brush and with a sponge, so read the entire post, learn what it takes to apply phenomenal makeup, and decide which makeup tool is eligible according to your skin type.

Let’s Begin The Challenge!

Applying Foundation

Okay, here you have Maybelline or any brand foundation on one hand, and beauty blender/sponge on other hand. Using a complexion brush, start blending foundation in patting motions. This technique works best when first applying then after about 20 seconds of sitting on the skin.

Now start using circular motions to create an airbrush effect. This two-step technique has always been my favorite while applying foundation with a brush.

Now, take a damp makeup sponge – I’ll prefer that complexion sponge with red and pink color, it’s easily available from any leading makeup sponge suppliers. Coming back, start working foundation into the skin. The blender side gives light coverage, and it feels lighter on the skin.

While applying foundation with a sponge, you’ll notice it gives a more natural look and a more natural-looking foundation more like makeup which looks like skin onto concealer.

Testing Concealer with Both Tools

Let’s suppose you take All Knighted Water Proof Full Coverage Concealer, this stuff is high coverage, so it’ll be interesting to see how it looks on the skin.

Starting with a brush, flip it over to the concealer side which has a smaller brush head, then start blending it. Here, you’ll notice that using a brush gives a high coverage onto the other side with the blender.

Now, do the same thing, put few drops of concealer, and then blend it with a beauty blender with another side. I noticed a do-here and layer-filled pattern; it’s not as high coverage as the brush side, but I do like the natural look more!

Time to Test Out Contouring!

Take Smashbox Studio Skin Shaping Foundation start with the left side, contour the cheekbones, nose, and forehead, grab a brush to start blending it out, and feel the brush blends quite well, but it almost blends right into the skin making it look naturally all over. I was expecting the brush will give more definition, but it gives a subtle look.

Let’s try the same contouring with a makeup sponge on the other side, this comes out much lighter as I started applying with foundation and concealer, but the sponge did an incredible job of keeping the contour light, this defines contour more notable, unlike brush side. This comes to me as a surprise. I wasn’t expecting that sponge would give a contour more defined look which is cool.

Take a look on both sides and figure out di8fferences and similarities yourself of using makeup brush and sponge on both sides.

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