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Makeup Sponges: Is It the Reason Behind Acne?

Makeup Sponges: Is It the Reason Behind Acne?

Most teenage girls and adult girls suffer from acne problems for several reasons, but one of the reasons is makeup and its applicators. Due to acne, most of the girls use makeup to cover it and make their skin looks beautiful but have you ever wondered that these makeup products and their applicators, such as beauty sponges, make the skin condition worse?

Makeup sponge manufacturers provide a list of instructions for using the sponges or beauty blenders, but people don’t usually follow those instructions. As a result, acne breakout. Let’s look at how acne is caused due to makeup and its applicator and how we can get rid of it.

How dirty are beauty blenders?

When in contact with the dusty environment, the beauty blenders and sponges attach to 70–90% of bacteria-contaminated, making beauty blenders the worst offenders. These blenders can cause skin infections, acne, and other allergies.

How Makeup and makeup sponges Cause acne?

Girls apply foundation and other beauty creams like bb creams every day to cover their acne and pimples. Whether it’s a foundation or cream, they can do a great job to cover skin redness and concealing skin’s blemishes. But in the end, when girls do not wash it properly, it contributes to the worst condition.

They must use a non-comedogenic foundation with a clean beauty blender, especially cleansing at the end of the day. Makeup can be the most significant cause of the breakout, but several reasons and improper use of these products cause acne.

These beauty sponges and applicators collect any dust, oil, dead skin, and leftover makeup. If they are not cleaned properly, these less-pleasant substances can be deposit to your skin back onto your face, which will ultimately clog your pores and cause acne.

Right makeup sponge manufacturers always recommend cleaning and sanitizing the beauty blender to reduce the transmission of excess bacteria onto your skin and prevent a breakout. The makeup artist has also guided how to clean and sanitize these sponges and all the beauty essential tools to avoid acne. So, girls are required to follow the guide to prevent acne.

How do you prevent acne when wearing makeup?

These six steps will help prevent makeup and applicator from breaking you out.

  • Never Sleep wearing makeup.
  • Choose makeup products and essentials labeled non-comedogenic.
  • Clean your beauty blender after every use.
  • Avoid liquid makeup products and go for powder-based makeup.
  • Try switching brands if not suits your skin.
  • Go bare whenever possible.

How often should you clean a beauty blender?

Beauty blenders need to be washed every day after every use. For quick cleaning and rinsing, you should clean it underwater until it becomes clear. Using absorbed and dirty sponges cause a breakout.

Moreover, nowadays, girls use wet sponges, and these wet sponges can increase bacterial growth more than dry ones. Try to use a little bit of dump but sanitized and clean sponges to provide you streak-free finish and don’t waste your foundation.

Further, prefer more anti-bacterial, emulsifying, and fragrance-free soap with a little warm water and rub your sponge gently in a circular motion to remove all the dirt and the leftover makeup sponge. After washing, gently squeeze it and clean it with a clean towel.

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