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Why Everyone Is Exceedingly Obsessed with The Beauty Blender?

Why Everyone Is Exceedingly Obsessed with The Beauty Blender?

Cosmetic Sponge

You wouldn’t want people to see your acne scars and other blemishes, right? Girls of the modern era are more concerned about their appearances. All of them want to become the personification of beauty, and hence, makeup is their topmost priority.

A noticeable revolutionary change is observed in the beauty industry

Various types of techniques and tools are available that help in enhancing the look of an individual. Among those tools, the highest priority is given to beauty blenders by both, the makeup aficionados and common users. It’s time to say goodbye to all those cakey foundations looks.

Types of beauty blenders for the fulfillment of your makeup needs

The original beauty blender:

Its rounded shape is used to cover the cheek region for providing an air-brush like finish to create blush on the cheekbones and its precision tip helps in tackling the areas under eyes.

Flat ended beauty blender:

This tri-purpose tool helps to cover all the dimensions of your face. The rounded side is used for broader areas, the flat edge is used for contouring and, the precise tip covers the hard-to-reach areas like space between eyes and the nose.

The tear-drop beauty blender:

It provides a 360-degree perfection to the face. It’s a super pointed tip that can cover the smallest regions that other sponges can’t. It’s best used with concealer, illuminator, and liquid foundation.

A step-by-step guide of using a beauty blender

Use it in the wet state: Before using the sponge, run it under your faucet until it’s fully soaked. This is how the blender will absorb water instead of absorbing the makeup product. Hence, a good amount of product is applied to your skin without getting soaked up by the sponge.

Squeeze it:

Once the blender is completely saturated, then you have to squeeze it out. The point is to apply the product with a damp blender so that the excessive water is wrung.


All you have to do is bounce the liquid foundation, bb cream, concealer, or powder across your skin for a flawless finish. It creates a uniform, seamless coverage without streaks and lines. It’s recommended by the beauty blender suppliers to avoid dragging the blender across your face.

How to clean your blender after every use?

Blenders can get nasty when they aren’t cleaned, and this is no exception. Want that pretty sponge to stay germ and stain-free? You got to clean it after every use to avoid the build-up of dirt and grime.

Cleaning of solid and liquid forms of beauty blenders

Liquid blender cleanser: Just pump the cleanser on the sponge and keep on repeating the process until and unless a crystal clean blender is seen. Don’t scrub or pull too hard as the blender can rip or tear.

Solid blender cleanser:  Put the stained end of the sponge on the soap cleanser, then gently squeeze and massage.

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