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Tips Everybody Using A Beauty blender Needs To Know

Tips Everybody Using A Beauty blender Needs To Know

Nowadays, makeup puff manufacturers are developing various types of brushes depending upon the people who can perform different functions. There are four variants of makeup puff, and all are used for other purposes. Let’s look at some types of blenders and some keypoint to help you have a perfect blend and smooth foundation.

Types of a beauty blender

  • The Original pink blender is a limited edition that is ideal for liquid and powder products. It has the same structure as the red blenders.
  • The Pure blender is the perfect blender for sensitive skin and best for skincare application. It is white and gives you a smooth finish at the end, and help you to save your foundation.
  • The Pro blender is perfect for self-tanner and darker products. It is a black puff, and it is used for self –tanner substances, which is difficult to remove from the lightweight sponges.
  • The Micro Mini is used for finishing and blending the smaller areas of the face. It is a green color blender that is quarter the size of other blenders.

Essential facts about beauty blenders.

Here are some facts and information about makeup puff that you need to know if you are a makeup lover and love to buy makeup products and struggle to find a perfect blender for your skin.

  • People who want to buy a blender can use the original pink or pure blender instead of buying a micro blender as they both can perform their function. So, you have to waste your money in purchasing a different blender. If you squeeze these blenders, they will give you the exact shape like the micro and perform the same function.
  • People should use a small paper towel or tissues to check whether their beauty blender sponge is dry or not. If the makeup sponge is too wet, it will not make a perfect base, and if it is dry wit will absorb more product. So, it is better to have an ideal softness of the blender for a smooth blend.
  • To wet your sponges, use cold water in summers and a little bit of warm water in winters. Warm waters are perfect for whipped, mousse, and heavier foundations, and on the other hand, the cold puff will refresh your skin on summer days.
  • Another tip to have the right blend is never pressed hard your makeup puff as it will damage the sponge because the opposing motion cause strain.
  • People usually apply foundation on the sponge, but the right way is to use it on your hands then apply it on your face through the sponge. It will help you to have even coverage and exact foundation color as you want.
  • Don’t sweep the sponge across, as it will create a line and stroke on your skin surface. You can press and dab the sponge onto your skin for an even blending and natural finish.
  • They are used for multiple purposes, not only for applying foundations like blush, contour, and highlight.
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