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Tips for Cleaning the Beauty Blender to Prevent Breakout

Tips for Cleaning the Beauty Blender to Prevent Breakout

In the makeup world, makeup puff manufacturers make many Beauty blenders, and they are very trendy. Professional makeup artists use these sponges and almost all women to make their skin look flawless. But have you ever wonder are makeup sponges bad for your skin? These makeup puffs do worst to your skin if they are not kept clean.

So, let look at some way by which you can clean these sponges, and why are beauty blenders are essential.

What do makeup sponges do?

Different types of beauty blenders serve other functions. But the main goal of these sponges is to give your skin a natural finish. A dry sponge is super absorbent, so use a damp sponge will not absorb your product and save your money and product. They are used to apply makeup, especially foundation, to make it look natural, flawless, and streak-free.

Do makeup sponges make a difference?

Makeup puff manufacturer believes that makeup puff makes a huge difference in makeup application they. Brushes, fingers, and sponges are three ways you can apply your makeup by. The beauty blender can reach the area where your brushes cannot blend the foundation perfectly and give you a flawless finish.

Do many people ask what the best way to apply foundation is? Applying with the help of a sponge is the best way, especially when you are using a liquid foundation. It is the best makeup tool. Just by dabbing on to your face, it will give you a streak-free foundation with smooth edges.

Cleaning hacks You Need To Know So You Don’t Break Out

It is necessary to clean your sponge as dirty sponges can break out acne. Here is some trick by the help of which you can clean your sponges or beauty blenders.

1.     Clean your Beauty blender after every use

Sometimes it might not be easy to get your sponges clean, and people often get lazy. But if you use a damp sponge, it will quickly clean as it will not absorb a lot of makeup and prevent acne breakout. So, it is necessary to clean your sponge soon after every use.

2.     Use the packaging as a drying stand

Beauty blender comes with a bag. Make sure to put them in the bag cleaned, so that dust particles do not contact them. Dry your sponge and then keep it because these cosmetic bags are ground for germs, and the lack of ventilation encourages bacteria growth. Moreover, you can put them in a container to avoid the risk.

3.     Soak your Beauty blender overnight

Soak the sponge overlight if the sta\in is dark and doesn’t clean up easily. Moreover, use a solid cleanser to remove the sponge’s makeup as there is some stubborn stain always left on the sponges.

Liquid cleansers are famous for cleaning their sponges. So, have one to clean it quickly.

Do not use any crazy internet hacks like putting it in the microwave as it will destroy your beauty blender and it will not kill bacterias.

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