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Tips on Setting Foundation Using Makeup Puff

Tips on Setting Foundation Using Makeup Puff

Makeup is all about getting a WOW look! Right? No matter be it regular, or semi-formal makeup. Well, this can be only possible if we know the right way of using makeup tools especially the makeup puff.

Though every makeup user has this handy little tool, the main catch is how many of us make the best use of it? This comprehensive post serves as a kind of mashup tutorials as it aims to highlight some basic tips of setting the foundation with makeup puff and types of makeup puff that are versatile for certain uses

Let’s get started!

What it Takes Setting Foundation Using Makeup Puff?

When it finally comes to putting effort and investing time in din makeup, then it’s a preserve right to keep it stay for a long time. From the right use of loose powder to setting it well, doing a makeover using powder puff does a great job of blurring pores and setting a foundation in place.

There’s one problem! The tool which you use for applying can also remove foundation, which is the last opposite result that can happen, unfortunately.

However, in this post, I will teach you how to set a foundation using makeup puff. The makeup or powder puffs have been existing around for a long time than beauty blender, and it does a wonderful job in setting foundation if used efficiently, and smartly.

List of Required Things

For a setting foundation with makeup puff, you will need the following things;

  • Damp Beauty blender
  • Loose powder
  • Liquid foundation
  • Makeup puff
  • Large powder brush (optional)


  • Start with applying base cosmetics as needed with a stunner wipe. Allow the cosmetics to dry for 2 to 3 minutes prior to proceeding. This will shield your cosmetics from getting cakey
  • Then, sprinkle some free-setting powder on the cosmetics puff, presently overlap the puff in half, at that point tenderly soggy powder into it. By doing this, you will not have to apply overabundance powder to your face
  • Next, delicately press, pat, or roll the cosmetics puff against your skin to allow the cosmetics to set totally
  • Still, in the event that you discover unnecessary powder all over, clear it away tenderly with a major size powder brush

Let’s move to types of makeup puff and their uses

Types of Makeup Puff Along With Their Respective Use

Either you need plenty of makeup tools to expand your cosmetic business, or need a passionate makeupholic user; you’ll discover plenty of sponges, or blenders via different makeup puff manufacturer.

Some common types are;

Cotton Powder Puff

They are sensitive and woolen as they are made with normal cotton strands. At the same time, these are unassuming and adequately open in the market too. These are certain necessities have for sensitive skin.

Best Use of Cotton Powder Makeup Puff

  • Loose powders
  • It sets aside less effort to utilize, and rapidly covers enormous spaces of skin
  • Features powder cushion which additionally holds application well
  • This cosmetics puff is made with cotton strands, the most ideal choice for clients with touchy skin.

Smaller Powder Puff

The smaller powders regularly accompany a distinct advantage we call a cosmetics puff. It is a roundabout fit and mixes the application well.

Best Use of Compact Powder

  • Loose powders
  • Pressed powders
  • Give more authority over-application
  • These cosmetics puffs give a more prominent mattified finish
  • Provide even inclusion
  • Increase the life span of cosmetics
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