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On Which Type Of Makeup Sponges Should You Spend Your Money?

On Which Type Of Makeup Sponges Should You Spend Your Money?

Like good quality makeup, makeup tools are also essential and play a vital role in making your skin look fresh and natural. So, there are different makeup puff suppliers with high-quality sponges, making your look elegant and natural. This article will highlight makeup applicators and their benefits that would help you in making your skin gorgeous.

Tips to make your sponges last longer

  • It is necessary to wash the makeup sponges and puff so that they can last longer.
  • It is necessary to change the sponges if they change their shape; otherwise, they will harm your skin.
  • To clean these sponges, use baby oil to break down the cosmetic ingredients and separate the makeup from the sponge.
  • Always dampen or wet the puff and sponge before using and squeeze the extra water out of it. It helps you to blend perfectly and will not soak your makeup product.

Different Types of Makeup Sponge

Beauty blender

Beauty blenders are top-rated these days. They make the skin look flawless and provides you even coverage. Also, these sponges are best to apply liquid foundation, concealers, and cream foundation.


  • Sheering out the foundation.
  • They are perfect for blending, highlighting, and contouring.
  • It gives an airbrush finish.
  • Great for applying concealer, wherever essential, especially under the eyes.

Cosmetic Sponge

Cosmetic sponges are also one of the popular sponges which are beneficial for applying makeup. They usually come in two shapes rectangular and circular. Moreover, these sponges are perfect for using powder, liquid foundation, and other makeup products.


  • These are beneficial for both wet and dry applications.
  • Provide maximum coverage.
  • The sponge soaks up excess liquid.
  • Do not let the foundation look cakey.

Cosmetic Wedges

They are highly innovative sponges as they do not absorb your makeup and save your products. They have a triangular cut, making it much easier for you to reach the places where it is hard to get. Best used with an illuminator, concealers for covering dark circles, and liquid foundation.


  • Wedges can apply the correct amount of product and absorb less.
  • It saves your makeup product and saves your money.
  • It minimizes the wastage of products.
  • It reaches out for complex and smaller areas too.
  • Best suitable for all liquid applications.

Cellulose Cleansing Sponge

These sponges are usually used for cleansing your skin with facial foam and scrub. They provide you a health care routine and are perfect for cleansing. Every time you remove your makeup, you cleanse your skin to keep it hydrated and moisturize. These cellulose are mak=de from natural plant pulp and are helpful for skin.

So, to keep your skin healthy and fresh, you can use these sponges as they will remove the dirt and cleanse your face well. Some benefits of these sponges are


  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Cleanses pores and offers mild exfoliation.
  • Removes makeup and face masks easily.
  • These sponges are used from both sides.
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