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Uses And Hacks Of Cosmetic Sponge

Uses And Hacks Of Cosmetic Sponge

If we look at beauty tools of all the time, then cosmetic sponge manufacturers believe that makeup sponges will be one of the ideal tools for makeup application. It’s a game-changer for makeup use and makes blending a breeze.  But people usually face problems in using the makeup application due to a lack of knowledge and service. So, here are some of the uses and hacks to use the makeup sponges in the best and most appropriate way to make your application successful.

What are cosmetic sponges used for?

The cosmetic sponges is a versatile makeup sponge for almost anything in your cosmetics bag: foundations, bb cream, concealer,  you name it. But to get the ideal out of your makeup sponge, follow our 3-step process: wet, squeeze, and bounce.

How to Use a Makeup Sponge

STEP 1: Wet the Sponge

Before starting your makeup application, wet the sponge until This step will allow the produce to flawlessly melt into your skin for a natural-looking surface with a subtle sheen.

STEP 2: Apply Product

Pour a small quantity of liquid foundation onto the back of your hand, dip the round end of your makeup sponge into the makeup and create smearing it on your face. Do not rub or drag the sponge crossways your skin. Instead, mildly dab or blot the area until your basis is thoroughly blended. Use the same dabbing method when applying concealer under your eyes and cream blush to your cheeks. You can also use your beauty blender for blending cream contour goods and liquid highlighter.

How to Keep Your Makeup Sponge Clean

There are excellent cleansers created just for makeup sponges, but mild soap will also do the hack. Run your makeup sponge underneath warm water while adding a few drops of soap, or use baby shampoo and rubbing out the stains until your water runs clear. Place it onto a clean towel to remove any moisture and lay it flat to dry. Ensure to replace your sponges in a couple of weeks, and if you use them frequently, then wash them often.

Makeup sponges Hacks

Some hacks to make a natural and flawless makeup look are:

  • Tape the sponges onto your skin to get a natural, airbrushed finish. It would be ideal if you tapped the sponge onto your skin, not rub or swipe.
  • Use both ends of the makeup blender and use the most of your makeup blender by utilizing it as much as you can.
  • Apply concealer to give skin radiance. If you’re after a well-rested and conscious beauty look, knowledge of how to use a makeup sponge with the correct products can save the day
  • Contour For A Sculpted Face, but carved cheekbones can add a beautiful dimension to your beauty look. Smear a small amount of a cream contour to your makeup sponge, then draw lines around your cheekbones, jawline, and nose.
  • Use it for skincare, too. Take the makeup sponge aside from self-tanner, and you can use your sponge to apply serums, moisturizers, and eye cream while giving yourself a soft, relaxing massage in the process.
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